Gen and Francis: The Pen Pal Project #10

6 min readAug 30

Let Love Find You.

By Author

Welcome to our collaborative series where Gen (Genevieve) and Francis (both Medium writers) become companions of the written word. Through these intimate letters, we embark on a poignant voyage, sharing our innermost thoughts, cherished experiences, and profound discoveries. As pen pals navigating the digital landscape, we weave together the threads of our lives, exploring the depths of both profound and everyday subjects. Each letter offers you a glimpse into our worlds, an open invitation to join us in forging connections and engaging in contemplation. Come, embark on this journey of shared expressions, as we unravel the captivating intricacies of friendship and the enduring power found within the written word.

August 29, 2023 6:50pm

Dear Francis Chun Lee,

I believe you have just sent me a dare!

There is no way, you can dance for three whole hours, listen to John Legend, love the Titanic story, and say that romance is an illusion.

Even if Love ends in heartbreak, experiencing love is still a transformative and enriching emotion that I would experience again and again, even if it was the last breath I take.

So for however long we continue to write to each other, I hope that one day I can convince you otherwise and make you a true believer that romantic love is still possible in the world.

Francis Lee, this is going to be so challenging!

When I have the worst of heartaches, I run to Barry. I thought this song would set the tone for the words I am about to write you.

Here goes my first attempt at convincing you that romance isn’t dead.

Perhaps I need to start with one of my love stories.


Interconnectedness is a fundamental principle of the universe. It is referred to as "Oneness." Let's connect thru love and BE the change needed in this world.